A Strong 2018 So Far and
Positioned for Continued Growth

While record-high originating costs, rising interest rates and continued inventory shortages are driving many mortgage lenders to lay off people, close offices or even exit all together (see Capital One), we’re having another strong year of growth and expansion at PrimeLending. In fact, we’ve been a powerhouse in mortgage for more than 30 years. We’ve weathered challenges before and we know how to come out stronger on the other side.

This year, we’ve been focused on adding branches, hiring top producers, offering more products and investing in our infrastructure, and we’re seeing outstanding results from our efforts, such as:

  • Opening 31 Branches
  • Welcoming 249 New Producers
  • Funding more than $7 Billion
  • Serving 29,000 Homeowners

And that’s just through the second quarter!

We’re excited about our future and we’re confident we’re positioned for long-term growth and continued prosperity. Are you sure your company can say the same?

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